Picosecond laser technology ideal for pigmentation, skin brightening, collagen stimulation, acne and radiance. No recovery needed. R 3000 per session. 3 sessions recommended 1 month apart.
Picosecond laser technology with fractional handpiece for deeper penetration. More intensive wrinkle reduction than picogenesis, ideal for sun damage, scars, wrinkles and skin texture improvement. 3 - 4 days of little red dots but can be concealed with foundation. R 3000 per session and also 3 sessions recommended 1 month apart. 
More information and videos on Picogenesis (sunspots/ skin rejuvenation/ melasma/ pigmentation)
PRICING: R 6000 for full face and neck (R15000 for 3 sessions package)
smaller areas will be quoted individually
More information about the ENLIGHTEN tattoo removal™.aspx
Depending on size: from R 3000 - R12000 per session.
10% discount on 3 session package and 20% discount on 6 session package


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