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If you’re looking for skin care products that are formulated specifically for you and your needs, a solution is now at hand in the form of the Universkin custom cosmetics LaBARatoire. Each skin type is different and many mass manufactured cosmetics products aren’t ideally suited to an individual’s specific needs, but with the new Universkin LaBARatoire custom cosmetics we can tailor make a range of premium cosmetics solutions that are individually formulated to suit your particular needs.

POM – a state-of-the-art laboratory in Nice, France – decided to formulate a skincare range which is for everyone, but not anyone. Rather than generating generic skincare which is stocked in large quantities, aimed at skin types (sensitive, oily, ‘normal’), they believed the answer was to study fresh, active ingredients which are proven to aid with various skin concerns and conditions, and devise individual skincare, mixing the ingredients right before your eyes.

Once your skin has undergone a functional diagnosis, our skin care specialists will be able to identify your needs and tailor make a freshly prepared serum that is free from chemical preservatives. The Universkin system was created by a team of top scientists in France, including dermatologists, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, facial reconstructive surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. Twenty active ingredients were selected for the Universkin LaBARatoire system, following established protocols from published clinical trials. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, ensuring that you will receive the very best skin care with the Universkin LaBARatoire. The main advantage of the Universkin LaBARatoire system is that it gives you personalised skin care products that are freshly prepared by your specialist right in front of you. Your specialist will identify which active nutrients you require, ensuring that your skin will get exactly what it needs.

What skin conditions can be treated?









Oxidised Skin



Resurfacing and Retexturing